ACD Digital Systems Pty Ltd - Electronic Assembly, PCB Assembly, SMD Assembly, SMD Placement, SMT Assembly

Welcome to ACD Digital Systems P/L

We provide electronic manufacturing services covering every aspect of the contract manufacturing process. We have been manufacturing electronics for over 30 years so are well placed to offer our experience to you as our client. Our service includes PCB assembly only right through to a full turnkey solution.

 This includes: 

  • Component Sourcing
  • Laser Cut Stencil Manufacturing
  • PCB Manufacturing
  • Kitting
  • SMT Loading
  • Thru-Hole Assembly 
  • Programming
  • Testing 
  • Conformal Coating
  • PCB Potting
  • Wiring
  • Product Casing 
  • Final Packing and Labelling  

 We also provide additional services which include: 

  • Prototyping (hand or machine load)
  • Rework
  • Modification
  • Fine Pitch IC Removal and Replacement
  • BGA Removal and Replacement
  • Design Consulting for Production Efficiency
  • Component sourcing
  • RoHS or Leaded

 Our  key strengths are: 

  • Close communication with clients
  • Flexible
  • High quality workmanship
  • 30 years' experience
  • Competitively priced
  • Local facilities
  • Up to 2 day turn around
  • Build close relationships regardless if you are a large or small company
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • ISO 9001 certified  

We have a select longstanding customer base to which we provide a customised and personal service catering to their individual needs. These customers are leaders in providing products to various industries which include medical, automotive, communication, farming, water management and security.

Being a local Australian company means we are able to work closely with our clients providing a flexible and personal service at a competitive price.